Echo Park - Sun Room - Updated (Small).jpg


Perched on a hill close to LA’s Dodger Stadium, this 1930’s Art Deco home is truly one-of-a-kind. With four-stories, the floor plan is unique with a semi-reverse layout. Designing for this alternative configuration of rooms was a welcomed challenge for Emily. This was the first house for this client so they were up for an adventure, too. A true collaboration between Emily and a client with an energetic, youthful, intelligent vision made it fun for all.

(There is more to come as Emily and the clients are presently working with architect Susan Masterman on a new master suite…)


SCOPE | The scope of the project began with one room and quickly grew to decorating much of the house. A few of clients’ existing furnishings were refreshed with new upholstery and new draperies were added along with many new pieces of furniture.


PALETTE | A neutral palette with additions of soothing blues and greens brought a clean, comfortable, relaxed feel to the living room and master bedroom. In the show-stopping sunroom, the palette echoed that of the trees and flora artfully framed by floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides of the room.


FURNISHINGS | Part of the adventure was foraging through vintage shops for a few choice furniture purchases. Emily consulted on those selections with an eye towards keeping the vibe casual.


ARTWORK | The clients’ eclectic collection of art brought a freshness to the traditional interiors.