SCOPE | With two sizable houses on this beach front property in Southern California, the assignment was to bring personality to the spaces while respecting the 1950’s Mid-Century Modern style of the homes. Making multiple family members happy and onboard with the design was essential as well.

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PALETTE | As a beachfront property, Emily leaned the palette toward blues, greens and neutrals to play with the warm wood paneling and crisp white moldings throughout the homes. Emily took color inspiration from the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve and surrounding natural elements.

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THEME | The homes are vacation getaways so Emily designed with an emphasis on relaxing as well as entertaining. Multiple seating arrangements take in the ocean view. The patio bar is stocked to serve a handful or a house full of guests.

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FURNISHINGS | With a view property, a designer wants to frame the view without compromising it. To that end, Emily selected soft beachy-blue draperies that did not detract from the intended focus of the walls of windows.

FIXTURES | Emily was careful to preserve and use the original 1950’s lighting fixtures when possible. When needed, she brought in new sconces and ceiling fixtures that complemented the originals.

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FURNITURE | The original design was preserved by incorporating items of sentimental value. Many family heirlooms were mixed in with vintage rattan and Mid-Century Modern pieces.

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ARCHITECT | Original build: Richard Leitch; Remodel: David Serrurier