THEME | Scripps College is a private liberal arts women's college founded in 1926 in Claremont, California. Emily worked on the Gabriella Jungels Winkler Dormitory which was built in the 1990s. The donor and Emily’s client wanted to give the common spaces of the dormitory a refresh and incorporate more of the traditional elements so beautifully displayed around the campus.


FURNISHINGS | To complement the historic character of the building, Emily scoured the Scripps College basements for some of their antique treasures. She found beautiful chandeliers and antiques that were carefully restored and used throughout the rooms. Emily chose furnishings that brought color, light and softness to the spaces to give students enjoyable places to study and gather.

FINISHES | The wood beams in the dormitory living room were expertly refinished and continue to be a focal point of that space. The window seat beneath the stunning bay window is an inviting spot for any student with a custom cushion and an array of pillows.


DETAILS | Showcasing the school colors, the Scripps College green and white are sprinkled across different areas of the campus. The bathroom presented the opportunity to be playful with a custom tile floor pattern, and Scripps College green wood shaker stall doors. In the conference room, the upholstered meeting table chairs also play off the school colors.

Meeting Room 1.jpg
Meeting Room 2.jpg